Hey - I'm B.
Wife | Mother | Enneagram 8 | Lover of lifting + lattes

About me, my journey, and the biz

My Ethos

Grit. Growth. Grace. Gratitude.

Backstory: this all started because I noticed the typical fitness model just didn’t work for the majority of women. The “did you die” narrative didn’t fit into a season where I needed to slow down and (re)build. The intensity over everything didn’t match my season of high stress + low recovery availability. The pull for always harder created more opportunity for accomplishing my goals but at the cost of long-term health.

There was a lot to be desired. It was generalized and there wasn’t any coaching the individual in front of you.

This left those outside the mainstream feeling lost, confused and disempowered.

What I’m here to do:: help you build sustainable strength, create compassionate change in your health + fitness, empower you to always have the freedom to choose + have a curiosity-first approach.

strong body + strong mind

Nasm CPT – | GGS-1 Coaching Specialist | GGS Prenatal  + Postpartum Fitness Coach

Year Mentorship with Active Life – Breathwork, Pain Management, Business Ethics, Return to Sport

Pure Programming | PN1 – Nutrition Coaching | HMCC – Health Mindset Coaching

My Favorites / This and That

Lattes / Tea
Outside / Indoors
Squats / Deadlifts
Cooking / Baking
Running / Lifting
Homesteading / City Life

Upcoming 2024 Series

Prenatal Training Series

January 2024

Training, Education + Support for the prenatal season. 8 Weeks, 3 sessions per week, in app support and educational content included.

Goals to Growth Cohort

March 2024

6 Week cohort to help you move from dreams to messy action + confident trust in hitting your goals. Be it business, fitness or life.

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Your roadmap to fitness post baby

You want to be able to return to what you love – safely. You know there’s a lot that doesn’t feel ‘like it did’. So, what do you focus on? How do you rebuild that strength? Don’t worry, I got you!