Hey, I'm Blanche!

Trainer + Women's COACHing Specialist | Wife | boy mom | Enneagram 8

A strength-focused coach that preaches a different message:
you can build a strength that lasts; pursue compassion-filled change + move from abs and ego to health + longevity.

This all started because I noticed the typical fitness model just didn’t work for the majority of women. The “did you die” narrative didn’t fit into a season where I needed to slow down and (re)build. The intensity over everything didn’t match my season of high stress + low recovery availability. The pull for always harder created more opportunity for accomplishing my goals but at the cost of long-term health. 
There was a lot to be desired. It was generalized and there wasn’t any coaching the individual in front of you. This left those outside the mainstream feeling lost, confused and disempowered. 
What I’m here to do:: help you build sustainable strength, create compassionate change in your health + fitness, empower you to always have the freedom to choose + have a curiosity-first approach. 

We go beyond the fitspo culture around here and build a strength that lasts… because there’s more to life than chasing after something that will never satisfy. 


This isn't just a hobby...

Where it can be hard to find fitness professionals that are — professional, I want to assure you that I deeply care about my clients and continually pursue education to better train + coach you! Below is a highlight of recent education + experience. 
– Bachelors in Community Development
– Life Coach: Mindset, Goals + Leadership Development
– Pregnancy + Postpartum Coach, GGS // CPPC 2.0, GGS
– Women’s Coaching Specialist, GGS-1
– Extensive Education in Breathwork, Mobility + Strength through AL-P
-6 Hr. Syllabus: Impact First Course Design, Karin Nordin, PHD
– FitsPro Foundations + Pure Programming, Annie Miller Co

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed + afraid
with health and fitness.

I have felt the fear of being incapable and not knowing if I had the strength or ability. I have also been the fittest in my life and feared losing my strength due to changing seasons.

But life just kept giving me opportunities and finally in 2019 I dove into the discomfort + fear of inadequacy. I surrendered deeply held beliefs that didn’t serve me.

And then changed – a lot. I changed careers, cities, + pant sizes. 

I also learned a lot. I learned how the body works and how to move in a way that served my season and goals. I researched all things health and fitness + returning to it post baby or injury or hiatus. I learned about mindset, mobility + movement. I became more confident, objective + empathetic. 

And now, I’ve combined the last 10 years of experience, knowledge + training into different programs + offers for you.

You can find them here.


When I’m not programming or finding connections with providers for my clients, you can find me playing tickle monster or dance parties with my three boys… Or taking a hot bath with some lavender + Epsom salt. 

We own some land out in Boerne, Texas and are currently in the final season of our house build. We’ve been living in a camper for the last year and it’s going to be a sweet sweet season moving into our forever home. You can find all these updates and more on my instagram.

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Your roadmap to fitness post baby

You want to be able to return to what you love – safely. You know there’s a lot that doesn’t feel ‘like it did’. So, what do you focus on? How do you rebuild that strength? Don’t worry, I got you!