SMall Group Training

strength focused small Group Training

The perfect marriage between 1:1 training and group class. 

Get the attention and direction you need with the community cheering you on.

45 to 60 minute strength building workouts 3x a week


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Customized + data driven training from the start. 

Every member onboards by going through a joint by joint assessment and creating a strength profile for you to stay up to date on your progress.

Specific + Intentional Training. 

We follow a long-term programming style that builds on top of eachother so month by month we are getting stronger and more resilient. 

Support before, during and after your training sessions. 

You become part of an exclusive  community of like-minded women.

Client only educational resources.

 Learn and understand how to build strength without spending your life in the gym.

We have monthly themes that include the RSC pillars which are: self-compassion, curiosity, freedom, resilence, growth, adaptability and community.

Workshops + Community events that help empower you in building rooted + resilient strength in both your body and mind.

Summer Schedule

Eva says...
I credit a lot of being able to move without much modification or discomfort (at 33 weeks) to the continued work Blanche and I did together. I feel very fortunate to have had little to no issues with daily movement and even gaining upper body strength during this season- I went from working with 8lb weights to comfortably being able to do movements with 15lbs. All in prep for common movements associated with motherhood.
Jessica says...
It’s been so nice to see actual, functional outcomes to training. I have a shoulder that needs rehabbing after a decade of chronic pain. After working with Blanche to systematically strengthen my shoulder and whole body, my chronic pain has reduced significantly. Doing things that would have made my shoulder ache for weeks this time a year ago is now possible without pain.
Brittany says...
Blanche isn't like any of the other trainers I've had. She teaches you the why behind the movement and shows you the whole plan and process. I love that
Esmeralda says..
I loved how so much of the workouts are targeting deep muscles and that is something that has helped with where my body stores stress. It’s been more than building a six-pack—it’s been about strengthening what holds the six-pack. I always feel relieved after working out to your videos., especially because your workouts target my needs.
Jessica says...
I’ve finally realized that my body has been strong all along. It helps having a coach who honestly believes in me and helps celebrate all the little wins.
Eva Says...
Training has been great! I’ve done in-person and remote, and Blanche is always thorough and well-organized. I think the biggest thing was realizing that I can still reach the fitness goals I have for myself.
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Great question! I value conscious consumerism and want you to know upfront. This membership is $199 per month. If you need personalized training, membership starts at $599 for 2 sessions per week. Head on over to the personal training page to find out more.

Because I’m under the firm belief it is a process and I want you to commit to it. I’d be doing a disservice to you if I only let you purchase 3 or 6 sessions. We’re going after strength and health – and that takes time.

You can cancel anytime within the month and you’ll get to finish out the month. No dumb 30 day policies around here. 

We will start with some specific mobility prep (based on what I found in your assessment) and then head into the main lift, accessory work and end with a cool down. Volume, weight and potentially exercise selection will be catered to where you are at!

My studio space is held within the Mindful Collective off John’s Road in Boerne!

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