Build Rooted + Resilient Strength

Personal + Small Group Training, TRX + Bootcamp Classes

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Personalized Training

Fully Customized training + coaching towards your health and fitness goals

Small group Strength Training

Small group strength training caps at 4-6 women per class. Build aerobic capacity, strength, mobility, muscle and breathwork.

TRX Bootcamp

Looking for a 30-45 minute class to get your body moving, build muscle and feel good in your body again? This is the one for you!

What is Rooted Strength?

We build strength in both fitness + life.

We believe time is on our side – we’re not working against it.

As such, we pursue strength as a lifestyle and not a momentary goal/quick fix.

Our growth + goals are birthed out of compassion and curiosity, not self- criticism + judgement. And we do this in a way that leads to more life – not overwhelm.

Don't just take it from us

"Life before Rooted Strength was a life of fatigue, pain and constantly struggling to keep up with my 3 year old. Life with Rooted Strength in it is painless, energetic and much easier to live the active lifestyle I want to share with my son."
Chelsie Gros
"I’ve finally realized that my body has been strong all along. It helps having a coach who honestly believes in me and helps celebrate all the little wins. "
Jessica Coile
"I really enjoyed the guidance on core movement from the in person sessions. I struggle with utilizing my core fully to engage in movements and found that it was extremely helpful to have support and someone to correct my form to ensure I was using it effectively."
Eva Rodriguez

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Your roadmap to fitness post baby

You want to be able to return to what you love – safely. You know there’s a lot that doesn’t feel ‘like it did’. So, what do you focus on? How do you rebuild that strength? Don’t worry, I got you!