Let me guess...

  • You feel like you’re ‘taking it slow’ but your body is saying something differently. 

  • You’re tired of not feeling like yourself, waking up with aches + pains and generally feeling not great in your skin.

  • You’ve been trying to hit your goals and working out 5-6x a week with little to no movement.

What if...

1:1 Training is perfect for you if...

  • You’re ready to uncomplicate your fitness, trust time is on your side and make gains in both your body and mind. 
  • You want to feel good + move well.
  • You’re tired of feeling like you’re working against time and allowing fear to control your fitness (and life decisions). 
  • You want to feel confident, knowledgeable and supported. 

What you get::

Empowered Goal Setting at the onset of your training. Book an optional 60-minute-deep dive into where you are starting from and where you want to go to. 

A program that is based around YOU. Full joint by joint assessment to work within your strengths and ensure progress isn’t stalled by unnecessary work.

More than just exercise, we dive into skills for both fitness + life. Mindset, breath + stress management strategies that support life outside of the gym.

Intentional + Purposeful Programming with evidenced-based training, retesting every 4-6 weeks to ensure progress.

Daily touch-points to offer support and guidance during and in-between training sessions.

More than just a coach, I’m part of a team of clinicians and coaches that I consult with on a regular basis. If I don’t know the answer, I will find one for you.


$599 per month:
 Includes up to 2, 1:1 sessions per week. 
Sessions held at the Rooted Strength Studio off I10 near Fair Oaks.
One optional makeup/rescheduled session per month.
Education + in-between session support.

Build + Blossom

$875 per month:
Includes 3 sessions per week.
Sessions held at the Rooted Strength Studio off I-10 near Fair Oaks.
Education + in-between session support
One optional makeup/rescheduled session per month.
Saves you $160 monthly.

honestly - this may not be fore you if:

  • You’re wanting fat loss as a main focus. We focus on building up health and gaining strength which usually means aesthetics follow, but it’s not a focus around here.
  • You’re wanting strictly performance goals like training for a marathon or powerlifting competitions. There are probably a thousand other coaches that could do better for you in this area.
Jessica says...
It’s been so nice to see actual, functional outcomes to training. I have a shoulder that needs rehabbing after a decade of chronic pain. After working with Blanche to systematically strengthen my shoulder and whole body, my chronic pain has reduced significantly. Doing things that would have made my shoulder ache for weeks this time a year ago is now possible without pain.
Brittany says...
Blanche isn't like any of the other trainers I've had. She teaches you the why behind the movement and shows you the whole plan and process. I love that
Esmeralda says..
I loved how so much of the workouts are targeting deep muscles and that is something that has helped with where my body stores stress. It’s been more than building a six-pack—it’s been about strengthening what holds the six-pack. I always feel relieved after working out to your videos., especially because your workouts target my needs.
Jessica says...
I’ve finally realized that my body has been strong all along. It helps having a coach who honestly believes in me and helps celebrate all the little wins.
Eva Says...
Training has been great! I’ve done in-person and remote, and Blanche is always thorough and well-organized. I think the biggest thing was realizing that I can still reach the fitness goals I have for myself.
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need some more details? I got you covered.

A complete breakdown of what’s offered with personal training: 
  • Hit any apply button and fill out the application. Once I read over your application, we will set up a time for a consultation. If I think I can help you achieve your goals, you’ll sign up during the call. Have anyone you need in the decision-making process there.
  • Immediate welcome packet emailed to you that gives you all the details and need to know.
  • We then will complete your flexibility/mobility and strength balance assessment over the course of one to two weeks. This hands down will be the most comprehensive assessment you’ve ever done. The more data we get at the beginning, the more specific we can tailor a program to you. (I also view every session as an ongoing assessment and adjust training programs as necessary.)
  • You begin your training program! Usually on a standing day and time, 2x per week minimum is required unless you are a hybrid client.
  • You will have a weekly check-in form that you are to complete, we dive deep into how your week’s breakdown was: sleep, diet, stress, training, etc.
  • I check in with you before, during and after each session.
  • After 6-8 weeks we will retest flexibility/mobility restrictions and significant strength imbalances as well as measure progress on your goals.
  • After 3 months, we will revisit your long-term goals and adjust as necessary

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