find your calm + confident approach to prenatal training

blossom strong into motherhood

Education, Training + support

It’s time for the narrative to change from fear + overwhelm to calm and confident training towards birth + recovery. You are so capable and so strong.  Motherhood can be a season of massive growth in your body + mind. It can be full of joy + peace + strength. 

Here at Rooted Strength, we help build sustainable strength in every season – including (and especially) pregnancy. Find out more about what is offered and how I can help guide you in this season.


Finally, a program that goes beyond diastasis and into overall core strength + health for the perinatal season.

Move away from safe/unsafe lists and into individualized training that's informed + empowered.

You can be empowered and gain the tools to know how to train your core in every season, all for less than the price of one personal training session.

Blossom Strong Remote Program

You don’t just want a ‘fit pregnancy.’ You want to intentionally train and prepare for birth + recovery. 

You also want to work out when and where you want.

You want weekly support and coaching.

And really, you want to simply know what to do and how to move. You want to gain strength and prepare for birth. 

This is for you.

1:1 training: Foundation's

A perfect option if you’re looking for accountability, specialized care + training due to diastasis, pelvic floor issues or simply need more flexibility with your time.

If you’d like a hybrid option of 1-2 sessions per month in addition to the Blossom Strong Remote Program, we can totally accommodate for that.