Preparing for a Better Postpartum.

Momma, you can have an empowering + hope filled transition into motherhood.

If you’ve had harder transitions, I get the fear and hopelessness you can have. If it’s your first – I get the fear of processing all the stuff people throw at you. What I won’t promise is that every factor and outcome will look like you want – we all know that just doesn’t happen sometimes.

My middle child liked to scream 85% of the time for the first 4 months. Forget trying to play and snuggle with him peacefully, we just wanted to limit the screaming as much as possible. I remember the first time we were on a date (him with us and the older child with a sitter) and we could actually have a conversation without one of us holding rocking and walking with him.

There was nothing I could do to change my son’s colic, but I could have planned for and created a better support system. I could have reached out and asked for support – but I didn’t know how bad I was struggling.

So what I want to share with you >>> You don’t have to do this alone.

You can have confidence, hope and growth in your postpartum journey. It will be hard – yes – no one is saying otherwise. But with preparation, support, encouragement, and surrender – you will be surprised by the hope + growth you will find.

Looking for resources in how to plan well? Check out this blog post on creating a support team just for you.

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