Struggle with Self-Judgement?

Have you ever believed you need to criticize or judge yourself harshly if you ever want to do better? ??‍♀️ Motivated by fear, we often use criticism and judgement to help us “fix the problem.”

Ironically when we tend towards this approach we activate our stress responses in our brain and bodies. This inhibits us from exploring, learning, and solving problems effectively.

You know what helps us do everything above? Curiosity + compassion.

We can easily step into the bigger picture and see what our learning opportunity is, adjust and go forward with even more clarity, motivation and with self compassion. Try by asking yourself, “How can I practice compassion with myself right now? What went right and what went wrong? What could I change next time? What could I do the same?” Get curious and practice gentleness when you have circumstances you can’t control; practice ownership + responsibility in situations you can control.

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