Know what the heck you're doing with fitness in postpartum..

...without having to google #allthethings

Does this sound like you?

You frequently ask, why this is so hard

You endlessly search for workouts on pinterest only to find out most of them just don’t work for you… now you feel a little insecure and maybe confused. 

Or maybe you’re feeling super heavy down there and you’re not sure what’s going on but you have no real time to process what that may mean for you.

What if...

You don't need someone sharing another one of their experiences. You need #facts to help you make the best decision for YOU.

This is for you if...

You’re used to doing it all but maybe need a little more knowledge + guidance in this season. 

You have the focus + drive to implement you just need a little help with what to actually do. 

The deets::

>> This guide comes in the form of an interactive 40+ page pdf that takes you through the postpartum timeline and breaks down what you could expect and what you can do to prepare for your return to fitness.
>> We cover top postpartum stretches and the importance of mobility with some bonus flows you can access. It’s important to FEEL GOOD during motherhood.
>> We cover A LOT on mindset and beliefs. We chat about your postpartum body, different mindset shifts to focus on within fitness and how to actually implement self-care practices during this time.
>> Because I know feeling out of control in fitness is NOT an option for you – I’ve covered the basic principles of fitness. This ladies, is the SECRET SAUCE and something that is GOLD.

Now's your Time, momma.

Experience recovery from your birth that leaves you feeling MORE connected to your body + mind.

A strong and purposeful transition into fitness + motherhood.

A confidence in your body even in the most wildly unpredictable season.

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Your roadmap to fitness post baby

You want to be able to return to what you love – safely. You know there’s a lot that doesn’t feel ‘like it did’. So, what do you focus on? How do you rebuild that strength? Don’t worry, I got you!