Where to Birth

To keep in theme with the series going on, Birth Stories – I wanted to give some considerations on where might be the best place for you to birth your beautiful baby! The short answer is it obviously depends. But let’s dive a little deeper.

Barring any medical reasons or complications – what are your desires? This will be the first and most important factor choosing a place for birth. Do you want an epidural? Do you want it unmedicated? Would you like to have water birth or an elective cesarean? These are super important and I highly recommend you talk to you partner about what desires you have for the labor and birth of your baby. Also, take a look at this post to get a list of questions to ask your potential provider.

Hospital Births

Hospital births can be great for first time moms or moms who may need the comfort of knowing the locations has all she needs in case of an emergency, or if you are planning on an epidural (as that is not an option birthing centers and home births.) I should note, you can still have an unmedicated birth in the hospital.

You may want to talk to your provider, if you’re wanting a hospital birth, about their thoughts on interventions and the role in the birth. Some take a hands off approach and others will want to be seeing a certain amount of progress in a certain time frame – and if that doesn’t happen then will push interventions like pitocin, waters breaking, etc.

What you need to know or ask about hospital births:: What is the rate of c-sections in the hospital? Do they offer a more hands off approach? Are they going to want to see progress (dilation, effacement, etc) in a certain amount of time? Are there comfort measures like showers, balls, tubs, that you can utilize? Do they allow movement? Do they allow intermittent monitoring?

You can totally have an amazing hospital birth. My first was birthed in a hospital! You just need to know your desires and their options and see if it’s a good fit.

Home Births

Home Births are great for mommas who want an unmedicated, hands off approach. Midwives will be there to assist and monitor your labor and delivery and after it’s all said and done – you don’t have to go anywhere! Which is super convenient. If you are wanting an epidural, or are far away from any medical facilities like hospitals then this may not be the best choice for you. Also, if it’ll be hard for you to feel safe and relax at home – afraid of potential complications – then this wouldn’t be for you either.

I never birthed at home because for whatever reason couldn’t relax enough at the idea of it, so I knew this option was out for me. It may be the best one for you!

Birthing Center

The best of both worlds in my opinion! While an epidural is not an option for birthing centers – it does offer some basic medicines + equipment and may be a great choice for a woman who has had no complications in their pregnancy and is wanting an unmedicated and free movement in their labor + birth. They are typically close to a hospital (mine was like 2 minutes away) in case of a need for transfer.

Questions I would ask your provider if your thinking about a birth at a birthing center:: What is your transfer rate? What are reasons you would transfer? Are you certified? Through which agencies? How much experience? What would happen in x,y,z scenario?

I loved birthing at a birthing center and had wonderful experiences both times!

Each pregnancy, labor and delivery will be different – even with the same woman! So know your options and desires. My first I had an amazing unmedicated hospital birth. My last two I opted for a birthing center and loved it. I actually ended up doing water births! Never planned, it’s just where I was at when my body wanted to push, hah!

Have questions? Drop a comment or reach out! I’d love to connect!

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