What is rooted strength?

Here at RSC, we build strength in both fitness + life.

We believe time is on our side – we’re not working against it.

We pursue strength as a lifestyle and not a momentary goal.

Our growth + goals are birthed out of compassion and curiosity, not self- criticism + judgement. And we do this in a way that leads to more life – not overwhelm.

Personal Training

Fully customized training + coaching that focuses on getting you towards your goals – without the overwhelm. 

– 2 to 3 sessions per week

– in app support + daily touch points

– comprehensive assessments + quarterly testing

– client only education + resources


Small Group Training

The star of the show here at Rooted Strength Coaching. This is THE best marriage between personal training and group class. If you want to stop working out but start intentionally training, building strength, mobility and aerobic capacity in the context of community – this is for you. 

Current Availability: MWF – 9am + 10a

Special Series

Where we focus our training on either prenatal or postpartum. Typically each series is 6-8 weeks and happens 2-3 times during the year. Stay up to date on social and the newsletter for the next upcoming series.

Download the ultimate goal setting worksheet

this is the guide to creating empowering + motivating goals
I’m Blanche, and I'm here to...

turn the fitness industry upside down when it comes to women’s fitness. We aren’t going to be about fat loss, 12 week challenges or counting macros obsessively. We value strength that grows deeper in time. 

Backstory: this all started because I noticed the typical fitness model just didn’t work for the majority of women. The “did you die” narrative didn’t fit into a season where I needed to slow down and (re)build. The intensity over everything didn’t match my season of high stress + low recovery availability. The pull for always harder created more opportunity for accomplishing my goals but at the cost of long-term health.

What I’m here to do:: help you build sustainable strength, create compassionate change in your health + fitness, empower you to always have the freedom to choose + have a curiosity-first approach.

Now that we're pals, let's hang online.

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Your roadmap to fitness post baby

You want to be able to return to what you love – safely. You know there’s a lot that doesn’t feel ‘like it did’. So, what do you focus on? How do you rebuild that strength? Don’t worry, I got you!