build strength in both your body + mind

Here at Rooted strength, we do things a little different...

We build strength in both fitness + life.

We believe time is on our side – we’re not working against it.

As such, we pursue strength as a lifestyle and not a momentary goal/quick fix.

Our growth + goals are birthed out of compassion and curiosity, not self- criticism +judgement. And we do this in a way that eads to more life – not overwhelm.



Personalized, fully customized training sessions that help you build strength and get out of pain.


Coming April 29th, 2023 this day retreat will be housed in the Mindful Collective Studio. You'll experience deep rest + renewal.
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Small Group Training

The marriage of group class + personal training, you get 1:1 attention while strength training with your friends.

build strength that persists.

More than just a workout program to lose weight, you want whole life strength. 

You want strength for your body and mind. 

You want to get off the floor easier, stay regulated when your child screams, and navigate the unknowns of motherhood and/or your job(s) with grace and grit. 

Can all of that happen in the Rooted Strength Membership? Yes. It can.

Hey, I'm Blanche!

Boy mom | Enneagram 8 | Lover of Sunshine | Coach + Trainer

Blanche is a certified personal trainer, pre + postnatal fitness coach, women’s coaching specialist, and owner of the Rooted Strength Studio.
This all started when she had 3 kids in four years and had to navigate the world of women’s health – she experienced the lack of care both physically and mentally. She knew women deserved better so she did something about it. 
She set out to change the narrative of women’s health + wellness to confidence, strength + hope. After years of learning how to walk this out herself, she now helps women build strength in both their body + mind. A strength that is both rooted and resilient and grows stronger with time.

If no one has told you before
Fitness can be more than
fat loss
quick fixes +