Minimize the Dose, Maximize the Results

Lordy, Lordy, looks who’s forty episodes into our podcast!
So to kick off this episode Blanche and Esther are going small.
You read that right. We’re talking about how to effectively use your time and energy by using the Minimal Dose Effect.

Weekly personal updates
00:50 Esther’s surviving the move
03:46 Blanche’s new addition to the family/gym updates

06:23 Today’s focus is on the Minimum Dose Effect
07:39 Wait, what is the Minimum Dose Effect?
08:50 “The only reason we workout is to give our body an opportunity to recover” – Larry of Active Life Coaching
9:47 Recovery is where we make the gains
10:02 Exercises that don’t quite fit the Minimum Dose Effect and the consequences they can leave
11:04 Going hard all the time can leave us telling our bodies what to do instead of listening to our bodies and growing
11:31 Taking the days off helps a focused mind and ready body
12:57 Quality recovery helps you grow steadily
13:31 Wait, what is recovery: sleep, diet, stress
14:37 Thinking about adding more high-intensity to your workouts? Focus on well-rounded workouts
15:30 What about the times I’m feeling strong and want to up the intensity
17:57 Practical ways to control your workouts and intensity

Actionable tips
19:55 Assess your stress and change your workouts to reflect the level of stress in your life
21:19 Evaluate whether your high-intensity workouts align with your long-term goals

Get moving
23:07 Step-ups

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