build a strength that outlasts the fads

at rooted strength,

We value sustainable fitness and wholehearted pursuit of health. We make gains in both our body + mind. We’re informed, confident + strong in both fitness and life.  We know time works for us and not against us. We don’t need to sprint for 6 weeks to see temporary gains, we pursue strength as a lifestyle – a strength that lasts.

hey girl, I'm B

Perinatal Fitness Coach | Health Advocate | Enneagram 8

In 2018, I found myself 3 months postpartum sitting at my small dinner table about to make one of the biggest decisions of my life. I had never invested in something so big and I had never been so confident. This was it. I was getting certified as a prenatal/postpartum fitness coach.

I had a passion that I thought would be a fulfilling side-hobby but actually became my calling.

 One year later, I birthed my third and final sweet boy, obtained my NASM certification, dropped my life-coaching gig, moved cities and started what now is Rooted Strength, LLC. 

Two years later, I’m here to uncomplicate your fitness and help you get those gains – in both your body and mind.

educational resources

Here’s the thing – I love training but I also love making informed decisions with training. During pregnancy and postpartum, there’s a lot of talk from a lot of friends and family. Finally feel confident and capable to make your own decisions about fitness during this season, check out the educational resources Rooted Strength has for you.