How to Create Empowering Fitness Goals

It can be hard to set goals, and heck, even harder during the motherhood transition. During pregnancy and postpartum, there’s so many variables you can’t control. This doesn’t just pertain to pregnancy and postpartum though – life in general has this principle: we cannot control the outcome.

That’s why I focus not so much on outcome based goals with my clients, but behavior based goals.

What are behaviors you can change, shift or modify to get you to the results you desire? We talk through this and create a game plan of changing behaviors and setting those as the goals we are striving towards. We can’t make our bodies look a certain way, but we can eat well, exercise with intention + manage stress. More often than not, behavior based goals will get you a lot closer to your outcome based goal and will pave the way in HOW to get there too.

Bonus tip: Find a tracker that can easily track your habits and workouts for you. I personally love Fitbit. It’s easy to use and intuitive in the layout. This article does all the hard work for you and has the best trackers for each category. Check it out here. There are some different one’s I hadn’t heard of before! See what the best one is for your season.

Want more guidance and someone to be with you step by step in this process? Check out my Goal Setting Power Hours. Book a call and leave with an empowered goal and the next three actionable steps to living it out!

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