Mobility Training: Is it just Fancy Stretching?

I don’t think there is a soul out there that is less flexible than my husband.

True story. There are *many* positions that I’m simply impressed that he cannot get into. Like, I thought he was joking the first time I asked him to touch his toes and he said he couldn’t and only could go ‘this far’.
Are you like this? Or may you just consistently feel tight and crunchy – #momlife, especially with young ones still nursing/bottle feeding.
If so – here’s what you need to know: mobility training could benefit you immensely. (It’s why I put it in all my programs. ?) However, it’s often overlooked or misunderstood.

First – It is not flexibility rather the active expression of it.

Think of this example: Stand up and pull your knee to your chest, that’s passive stretching. You may be able to pull your body into that position but do you have control in that range? Now pull your knee to your chest without using our hand – how high can you go? This is gauging some hip mobility.

Mobility flows don’t consist of just static stretching, foam rolling or band assisted stretches. These are all good and may have a purpose but it isn’t mobility training.

This isn’t one size fits all either.

It is very specific to your end ranges and where you need help. Where do YOU need more control in your end ranges?

⏱ This will take time. Like maybe more than just a couple weeks depending on what your goals are. Trust the process just like with strength training – and life.

Some good news? I’ll be releasing a freebie on mobility in a few weeks. This isn’t a ‘training plan’ but it’ll definitely be great add to your daily movement practices.

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