What really matters in pregnancy and postpartum fitness?

There’s a lot of hype around things that don’t really matter in pregnancy and postpartum fitness. I’m here to tell you what does.

Sustainable Fitness Practices

Shift mindsets towards ones that serve you in this season. You don’t have to prove your fitness, you won’t lose it. You also need to know: you aren’t broken, you’re pregnant. There is a spectrum and we need to find the center and what is sustainable for you. You can focus and move with intention in this season and come out even stronger.

Body Awareness

The first step in becoming confident of your movement practices. Become an expert in what your body is telling you. You can move with confidence and strength in pregnancy and postpartum. First step: become aware of your tendencies and how you move.

Knowing your options

When the feedback your body is giving you is less than stellar, learn strategies and different ways to move. There are so many ways! Try breathing different, holding your posture different, playing around with different tension + engagement, etc. Not only learning strategies, but learning a variety of movements will help you be able to modify in the moment. Create a game plan for when your group fitness class is asking you to do burpees or start jumps so you aren’t overwhelmed in the moment. Don’t ignore your bodies cues. Listen. Adjust. Test. Repeat.

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Move well in this season.

You GET to play an active role. You get to invest in your health and fitness. You get to do this!

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