build a strong body + strong mind
Have you ever wondered...

if there’s a way to workout that leads to more strength, hope + growth? You can ditch the 6 days a week of working out for a solid 3 days of training and see progress. I promise. 

Less is more here at RSC and we teach you what building sustainable strength looks like. We don’t have to focus on the maximum tolerable dose when the minimum *effective* dose does just fine. 

What is this community, anyway?

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A word from head coach + owner

Rooted + resilient strength looks different than pushing PR’s over everything and pursuing fat loss unsustainable. You have the ability to get stronger with time + pursue a strength that lasts.

I decided to sign up with Rooted Strength because of what Blanche stands for. Her entire approach is centered in strength and resilience. Blanche’s focal points truly stood out to me as a ray of light in the fitness industry and made me feel safe to show up for myself again.
- Chelsie, small group training client
In-App Access
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Your membership includes :

build strength - in community

Classes capped between 4-6 women to ensure quality coaching  Find the community you’ve been looking for that values both grit + grace, pursues growth and is grounded in gratitude. 



Small Group Training


3 sessions per week

Comprehensive assessment + onboarding

Focus on building muscle, strength + mobility

In-app support + WOD Access

Quarterly strength testing

Caps at 4 women per class time; semi-customized training

Personal Training


*Starting at $599/mo for 2 sessions per week; $800/mo for 3 sessions per week.

Comprehensive joint assessment + strength testing

Initial Goal Setting Session to include a monthly breakdown of goals, habit + skills 

 Personalized habits + in app daily touchpoints for accountability + inter-session support

Fully customized training program + testing to ensure progress towards goals.



8 classes a month/ 2 a week

Initial assessment + onboarding included

Focus on aerobic + work capacity

30 minute sessions

Caps at 4 women

Launching end of January


Absolutely! Life seasons can create a change in goals and we work with our current time availability and capacity. Chat with me on any thoughts towards changing memberships and we can find the perfect fit for you.

Yes, pause or cancel at anytime. No need for 30 days notice. You’ll be able to finish out your current month.

Great question. I’d love to offer a free consult to chat through your goals and see which one is the perfect fit! Email me at or reach out on social.

The duration of classes vary.

Personal Training: 45-60 minutes

Small Group Training: 40-55 minutes

TRX+: 30 minutes

We start each class with a mobility and movement prep to get our body ready for the movement. We transition into the main lift – either squat, hinge or press and then have an accessory exercises. These can be in a circuit, superset or individual exercise based on the intention of the current block.

Most of the class will be in the straps! You’ll grab the straps as you enter into class to stretch and warm up. Then we enter into the main superset and will have about 6-8 exercises in either supersets or circuits. This is a higher volume class and great for conditioning + increasing work capacity.

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Your roadmap to fitness post baby

You want to be able to return to what you love – safely. You know there’s a lot that doesn’t feel ‘like it did’. So, what do you focus on? How do you rebuild that strength? Don’t worry, I got you!