Why Workout?! Cognitive Benefits to an Active Lifestyle.

I started this same series over on my Instagram account and wanted to flush it out even a tad bit more here. In this first post, I’m highlighting cognitive benefits of working out.

Cognitive health benefits for working out are immense. It may seem intuitive or it may be shocking to discover that there are more than just physical benefits with an active lifestyle. Studies show that even acute aerobic exercise increases mental clarity. This means if you are experiencing some significant brain fog simply going for a walk outside can clear up those thoughts and offer clarity.

One longitudinal study shows that over a time span of 25 years, those who consistently worked out had increased memory function and decreased risk of dementia. That definitely is motivating.

So if you’re feeling like you have brain fog, can’t get a thought together, troubleshoot or brainstorm – try to take a walk or run, reset and go for it again.

Had a stressful day at work? Don’t be tempted to skip the workout, blow off the steam (and all the stress hormones that were released) with some aerobic activity. Give those chemicals somewhere to focus their energy.

Read: this doesn’t need to be an hour long HIIT workout.

Here’s the rub – if you follow me on social you know I preach sustainable fitness. So when do we push through the brain fog and move our body and when do we focus on rest + play? How do we know what our nervous system needs? Be on the lookout for the next blog post – Signs + Symptoms if Living in an Overly-Stressed Nervous System.

We all can see that this is #nuanced.

Learning when to blow off steam and when to rest and play is huge.

Practice becoming aware and giving yourself what your body needs. You got this!

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